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Some news from the Molding front, Spanish Grenadier and Miquelet masters. Still some work to be carried out on these chaps before they can go into production but we are inching closer. Huzzah!

Spanish WAS Miquelet
Spanish WAS Miquelets


Spanish WAS Grenadiers
Spanish WAS Grenadiers




A Little More on the Miquelet

A good deal of the time a goggle search of “miquelet” will produce mountains of material on the miquelet musket firing system or miquelet lock, (it seems to be “the new black” amongst antiquarian collectors and popular amongst makers of reproduction pieces). On the odd occasion that you do manage to find something on the men themselves it is often referring to the Napoleonic period, not that this is a bad thing as the astute researcher will quickly gather that they operated much in the same context from the late 1600’s through to the Peninsular war, their interwar antics were little changed also

There are some excellent Spanish re-enactor groups focused on the Miquelets

Wars of the age of louis the xiv, 1650-1715

UntitledrtyjMisquelet: this older lock mechanism was most commonly used in spain and Italy after the flintlock was adopted nearly everywhere else; in the latter case, it remained in use for several decades. Misquelets: From the peculiar lock mechanism, the misquelet, used by Spanish infantry (or Italian troops in Spanish service), this term became generally applied to Spanish troops, but was especially used about irregular bands of local militia fighting the french along the Pyrenees in various wars. Some misquelets also fought for the French. Their style of fighting encouraged atrocities by both sides.

Early to mid 1700’s

And from “Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The misquelts were lightly armed auxillary troops with a taste for pillage that served as reiforcements for dragoon regiments. The term ‘Miquelet’ is still used by Cevenol mothers to scold their children “sais tan mal coma un Miquelet!” – Your as mean as a Miquelet!

Perhaps not as well known is that RLS was a travel writer as well as novellist and this entry would indeed refer to Miquelets of the Napoleonic era.     I will follow up this post with a gallery of images I have found whilst surfing the subject which might be helpful to future Miquelet owners, Lordy I hope they mold up OK 🙂

Miquelet lock of the late 1600's
Miquelet lock of the late 1600’s

Jacdaw Availability

Those of you that have kept an eye on the Left Bank workshops facebook page will not doubt know that I have had a very ill family member to contend with, I was required to leave the domestic bliss *cough cough* of home and travel out into the wilds of Queensland to my grandmothers home to look after her, it soon became evident that she could no longer live by herself and a carer would be required and being the only logical (available) choice I stepped into the role.

The wilds of North Queensland

This all began around June last year and after 4 months of caring for her at her home  we were able to shift my Grandmother back to the city to live with my wife and myself.  Taking on the role of a carer for an elderly relative is not really compatible with trying to run a miniatures business, I doubt it would be compatible with running any business, and therefore Left Bank was put into the too hard basket until there was time to try and sort out what could be done.

Gran updating the Left Bank blog
Gran updating the Left Bank blog

Without going into too much detail an offer was made by the chap casting the figures whereby he would not only cast but also sell the range through his existing web store, this was obviously a better option than the molds residing in storage gathering dust so it really became a no brainer that this option would be the way I proceed. Now it isn’t going to make me one of the idle rich (awwww) but at least the range will be available to the faithfull once more and funds can be channeled back into new greens and fixing up old molds etc. (more than you would expect).

When can we get the figures
When can we get the figures

Now I have filled a couple of paragraphs and you are none the wiser as to when you can add to your collection of jacdaw30 figures… well I cant give you an exact date as yet but I can tell you it should be within a month or so…. please let it be so. There are around 50 greens that are awaiting molds and this must also be actioned, not least because they are some of Dave’s best work, to my eyes at least. As soon as they are up and ready to go I will post links, soon my pretties….. soon.

Miquelets or Spanish mountain troops if you prefer.

When I gogled Miquelets there appeared to be more than one spelling for these Spanish mountain troops and as I’m somewhat confused on all sorts of subjects most of the time I thought it best to pick one and stay with it so Miquelet it is. I’ve given the mold maker the nod to start work on these guys and the molds should be with me within the fortnight. Dave Wilson has done a great job with the greens and I’m really looking forwards to getting my hands on a few casting and getting the ol’ paintpig into gear.

unfortunately I only took a few photo’s of the greens but this will give you an idea of what to expect

misq01 misq02 misq03 misq04